Each of our services has been carefully designed to provide your pets with the care they need and to provide you with peace of mind in knowing they are being cared for. These services will suit most pets and their families, but if you need something a bit different, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss possibilities.

Every visit includes fresh water and food and lots of attention. We also offer a variety of other services listed below under Additional Services.

Our standard visit rate starts at $22.

There are no additional charges for multiple pets, but more pets or more extensive care may require longer visits. If you are unsure of the length of visit you require, just let us know and I can help you choose.

Mid-Day Potty Breaks Visits

Sometimes your pet may require a mid-day potty break while you are out or at work. We will also feed and water after the potty break if needed.

Mid-Day Dog Walk Visits

Some dogs need a walk or an extra bit of exercise during the day. We will pace the walk on your dog’s energy level that day. This service includes the walk/run, potty breaks as needed during the walk/run, and water and food refresh at the end of the walk.

Pet Sitting & Vacation/Travel Visits

When you are away for vacation, traveling, or even just for the day we will make sure your pets are taken care of so you do not have to worry. We will feed, exercise, and clean up after your pets, and take care of your home as well. We realize each pet family is different, so we will discuss the specific services that you need when you book the service (or in advance if you prefer).

Exotic Pet Sitting & Vacation/Travel Visits 

This is a similar service to our pet sitting visits above, but specifically for exotic pets. During this time we will feed, water, play with and do a minor cage clean for your exotic pets, and take care of your home as well. We realize exotic pets often have different needs, so we will be sure to discuss the needs for your particular situation when you book our service (or in advance if you prefer).

Additional Services

Remember, we do offer a variety of additional services such as:
Basic Grooming, Brushing, Grooming, Etc.
Administration of Oral, Liquid and Topical Medications
Yard Waste Pick Up
Litter Box Cleaning
Home Security Checks and Measures
Basic Cage Cleaning
Lights, TV, Radio, Drapes Rotated
Mail and Newspapers Brought In
Plant Watering
Trash Put Out for Pick-Up
Text of Arrival and Departure

Prices are subject to change without notice.